Dog Sledding in Greenland

Ammassalik in East Greenland is one of the few places in the country where dog-sledding is still the most common mode of transport in winter. For visitors it’s an ideal way to see this starkly beautiful region with its mountains and ice-berg studded coastline.

The people of East Greenland still repy upon hunting and fishing as a means of survival. Although there are plenty of short one-day hiking routes around Ammassalik there’s also the opportunity to join longer expeditions of up to two weeks, where you’ll get a taste of life in the deep freeze. Typically you’ll be taken out with a pack of beautiful snow white husky dogs, closely related to the wolf but much friendlier, with 6 dogs carrying between 2 – 6 people and gear.

Trek Essentials

Where: Ammassalik, Greenland
Best sights: Beautiful mountains and ice berg studded coasts
Remember to bring: Warm artic wear, strong boots and face protection
Watch out for: Fierce winds and be prepared to muck in with the dogs


Trekker’s Tips

Visitors can arrange expeditions with local drivers or join a tour by a professional outfitter.

Be aware that it’s not only the dogs who have to work hard – any excursion involves a lot of walking and pushing in deep snow, so you have to be really fit.


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By Jess Halliday