Hoquiam Loggers Play Day

Festival Essentials

Where: Hoquiam, Grays Harbour County, Washington, USA
When: September
What happens: A feast of lumberjack action like axe throwing and racing on floating logs
Remember to bring: A plaid checked shirt and an axe is an essential

Where It’s At

The small town of Hoquiam, on the Olympic Peninsular in Grays Harbour County, is host to the Annual Loggers Play Day every September. Hoquiam was originally the site of a Native American Indian village, but white settlers were attracted to the area by the abundance of giant trees. Hoquiam means ‘hungry for wood’ and logging has been the areas main stay industry since the 1850s. The Indians named it after the volume of timber that used to float down the river into Grays Harbour.

What Happens at the Loggers Play Day?

This annual event pays homage to the history and skills of the logging community in Hoquiam while providing a fun competitive day out for all the family. Start the day with a logger’s breakfast, then head down to watch the truck driving competition and parade, before making your way to the Olympic Stadium for the evening’s entertainment.

Lumberjacks travel from all over the country to compete in the night time activities such as  binder (axe) throwing, saw bucking, and obstacle pole bucking. The highlight is probably thechoker setting contests where competitors race over logs and through water and try to keep their balance on a floating log. You’ll see many competitors landing with a bump, getting very wet, and generally working up a sweat.

End the evening with a traditional ho down. It’s a real ‘man’s man’ event with a great, fun atmosphere. Stay the night at the Hoquiam Castle, formerly the home to a lumber baron. Each room has been uniquely themed.

More Information

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By Faye Welborn