Kayaking in Hallstatt

Trek Essentials

Where: Hallstatt Lake, Salzkammergut region, Austria
Best Season: During the summer months, although the glacier water remains cold throughout the year.
Best Sights: Stunning peaks and green valleys.
Remember to Bring: A wet suit to protect against the cold, a hat and some good sunglasses.
Watch out for: Capsizing!

Where It’s At

Hallstatt is a truly beautiful village – quaint houses nestled into the surrounding mountains where people smile and wave as you pass by them in the street.

Our Journey Path (as featured in Treks in a Wild World)

Zay starts his kayaking journey west of Hallstatt to explore the beautiful Hallstatt Lake. Along the way he is taught the correct way to paddle and keep the boat stable from his guide. Kayaking is a sport that can be done even if you have little previous experience, although you should always ensure you go out with an experienced guide. Don’t forget a lifejacket!

By Xanthe Apostlos