LA’s Most Crowded Golf Courses

Los Angeles boasts some of the most crowded golf courses in the US- possibly the world.

These are public courses where recreational holders can play for modest green fees . The courses can be a little unkept and are not difficult but they are situated in picturesque settings amidst LA’s (usually) endless blue skies.

LA has a number of very exclusive members only golf clubs such as the Los Angeles and Riviera clubs.It is only possible to play here  if you know a member .But these memberships are extremely expensive, sometimes running into hundred of thousands of dollars. So many golfers descend on the public courses.

Rancho Park was once considered the world’s most crowded  course – with waits for tee times sometimes lasting up to six hours in summer.

Lakewood Golf Course near Long Beach is , like many public courses, popular with Korean golfers. It’s a picturesque course but rounds can take over six hours . On some holes up to four groups of four can get bundled up.

The  scenic Roosevelt Golf course, overlooking the city , is a three hole course . Here you find not foursomes but fivesomes.