Luis Baragan : Mexican modernist architect

This internationally acclaimed Mexican. modernist architect has left several homes and structures behind in his native Mexico City

It is possible to arrange private tours Of La Pedregal ,a huge home set in volcanic gardens in the Lea Angels  area which was once a giant lava flow of molten rock .

The lava fields still form  the foundations of the these secluded giant lots .Next door is an excellent  restaurant famed for its salsas.

Another Baragan  home presents a pink facade to its street, located in Mexico City’s San Miguel de Chapultepec neighbourhood.

Casa Gilardi built in 1976 was Baragan’s last home. It is smaller and highlights not only Barron’s modernist  use of light space and lines but also of colour.

Baragan consulted with Josef. Albers  which inspired many of the colours on display here Casa Gilardi