Puerto Escondido

On the Oaxacan coast in the  south west  of  the country,   surfers, budget travellers , ,gap year kids and alternative lifestyles flock  to La Punta to clap the sunset as the sun goes down in the Pacific

The beach here at Puerto Escondido is two   miles  long and it’s an hours walk from one end to the other – and then back again.

Cool bars like Lyche serving cocktails and  Thai food with a Mexican twist.

These beach towns grew up around  fishing villages and surfers’ discovery of the waves here . A shanty like service town enveloped , along with lots of building and cheaper developments and travellers hangouts.

In late dry season it can get dirty, dusty and even a touch too hot  here in a post Covid world but the beaches and waves  are as spectacular as ever.

Further south,  visit the small beach towns of Mizunte and Zipolite – quieter , more earthy and cheaper versions of La Punta in Puerto Escondido. Life here is firmly footed in the sand .Beach shacks prediminate in these self described “pueblo magicos “which exude a mellow, hippie vibe