Mole Game Reserve

Nature Facts

Where: Tamale region, Northwest Ghana, West Africa
When: December
Nature: Birds, lions, elephants, antelope, buffalo, monkeys & crocodiles
Remember to bring: Mosquito repellent and a tent to stay very cheaply

Where It’s At

Set in 1300 square miles of land, the Mole Game Reserve is the longest fully established national park in Ghana. The history is less honourable, however, with tensions between the tourism promoting Government, and the displaced tribes whom were forced to resettle in the boundaries of the park. Gaming for food and sport has been made illegal and the dry season combined with trampling of crops by elephants mean the native people have suffered harsh times.


You can expect to see elephants, antelope, buffalo, monkeys and crocodile, along with many colourful species of birds. Lions also feature in the park, however it is recommended you seek the assistance of a local guide. The benefit of this park is that you can walk around and get closer to the animals than in most other parks. Rangers are trained to take you through in safety, and provide an inexpensive but worthwhile trek to catch the best views of the wildlife here. It costs approximately C/1500 (about US$0.17) an hour for a walking tour with a park ranger and you can book these at the motel.

How to Get There

The Mole Game Reserve is located in the Tamale region of northwest Ghana; it is one of the easiest in terms of access since you don’t need your own vehicle to reach it. You can take a daily bus from Tamale, Kumasi or Domongo all the way to the park.


Lodgings are available within the park at the Mole Motel, which incorporates a waterhole out front providing a convenient spot for the residents to take an early morning drink, giving guests a treat over breakfast. There are a range of rooms available, from shared bunkhouses to VIP Lodges, from C/10,000 to C/20,000 (US$7.50-15). There is also a swimming pool and restaurant at the motel, and you’ll find the electricity and water fairly reliable. There are also facilities for setting up tents, which is a great budget option since they allow the use of the toilet and shower block.

Be Prepared

Entrance is c/1500 and you can visit all year round, however, the best time to go to avoid the mosquitoes and see the most animals is around Christmas time.

More Information

For accommodation reservations, contact:

Senior Game Warden, 
Mole National Park,
PO Box 8,
Northern Region

Telephone 071/25.63

Alternatively get in touch with:

The Chief Game and Wildlife Officer

Dept of Game and Wildlife
PO Box M.239
Accra, Ghana

This is particularly advisable in the peak dry season when the accommodation gets booked up pretty fast.

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Main image: Elephant at Mole Park Safari, Greg Neate, Flickr Creative Commons

By Jenna Colbourne