New York: The Gershwin Hotel

The Gershwin Hotel on 27th Street is a famous budget hotel right in the heart of Manhattan. A dormitory is $22 per night per person And you would have to share with either four, eight or twelve persons. You can get a room on your own from a steal at $100. On the fourth floor there are special rooms exclusively for models. If you stay at the Gershwin, you can get invited to all the parties and there’s a chance of doing some star spotting.

The Gershwin has a history of art and the lobby is a famous gallery within itself. It owes its history to the New York Pop Art scene of the 1960’s and the The lobby shines with original Pop Art, including an actual Campbell’s Soup Can autographed by Andy Warhol, artistic godfather to the hotel.

It’s much more than just a hotel, it’s a kind of mini-arts centre as the hotel also boosts an in-house cabaret, The Living Room, which features live music, stand-up comedy and theatre performances several nights a week. Also sharing the first floor is the Modern Culture art gallery that presents extraordinary exhibitions of work by significant international, emerging and established artists and a grotto-like bar, where guests can rap, commune, and relax.
There’s also an Internet Café with plenty of discussions going on, poetry slams, and rap sessions.

The corridors of the Gershwin literally shine with creativity and even if you’re not planning to stay there, it’s well worth popping in for a coffee to soak up the vibe.


Gershwin Hotel
The official site for the hotel with info on the gallery, bookings, and location.

The Gershwin Hotel
on 27th Street
just off 5th Avenue
at 7 E 27th Street
New York NY