Newport: 19th Century Playground of the Rich

Newport, Rhode Island,  in the 19th Century was  the playground for American shipping, steel and coal magnates . They were all here- among them the Fischers, the Astors, the Vandebildts. 

These magnates and dynasties were incredibly wealthy and  they built ‘summer cottages’ which were actually glorious mansions. All of these mansions look out over the sea. Belleview Rd is basically Rhode Island’s millionaire mile.

Of all of the splendid and famous Newport mansions the best to visit is that belonging to the Vanderbildts , who were at one time America’s wealthiest family.

The Vanderbildts pretty much epitomised the American dream. Cornelius Vanderbildt started out with 100$ borrowed from his mum, her entire life savings, and turned it into $100 million after buying one ferry, and then several ferries . He eventually owned the New York Central Railroad. 

Newport is famous for is sailing. It was the setting for the America’s Cup for 135 years and it’s so synonymous with sailing that if you mention Newport to anyone in New England you may as well be saying yacht.

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