New England

New England, on American’s East Coast has been called America’s attic, for it was here that the first cries of the American revolution were heard and the movement to abolish slavery began. From pilgrims to the Kennedy’s, from the Boston tea party to Martha’s vineyard, this is the place where the fall turns the landscape into a giant patchwork quilt. New England is situated on the east coast of the USA, it spans 6 states,Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island.

It was 1520 when the first settlers on American soil arrived from England. It’s pretty safe to assume that they had no idea that their values and their ethics would shape the foundations of the United States.

The historic wooden architecture of New England isn’t just confined to buildings, scattered throughout the region are other unique structures like covered bridges, which were designed to protect the wood from rotting away. You will find them dotted all over New England which is also the home of the longest covered bridge in the United States.

It was christened New England in 1614 by an English explorer, John Smith, and it is here the spirit of the early settlers and old colonial America still reigns. Picturesque villages, lakes, granite mountains, rocky coastlines with a rich wealth of history characterise New England past and present. It is a quasi Europe set in the very un-European continent of the USA. Cosmopolitan Connecticut, nature loving Vermont, the epic White Mountain Forest of New Hampshire, forests and beaches of Maine, the tiny but beautiful Rhode Island and the tourism capital of Massachusetts make for a varied trip packed into a small area. If you want to see the side of the USA that packs a punch of beauty, history, and old romantic America, then New England is the region to visit.

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