Sainte Chapelle

This gothic masterpiece, built nearly 800 years ago, is still regarded as the most beautiful church in Paris. It’s light and ambience are described as breathtaking and it’s most striking feature is it’s 15 stained glass windows soaring 50 feet to a star covered vaulted ceiling.

It was built by by French king Louis IX,in 1248 to house holy relics he had collected in the  Holyland

Louis was deeply religious and went on Crusade to the Holyland  where in 1239 he apparently collected the relics which included the Crown of Thorns fragments of the True Cross, nails from the cruxifiction and droplets of Christ’s blood.

It’s said Louis bought the relics from Emperor of Constantinople – paying three times as much as it cost to build the church.

The beautiful interior tells the story of the relics in stained glass, features statues of the 12 apostles , Louis’ personal oratory , and seats for the royal family.The main portal and upper chapel entrance are both decorated with a crown of thorn as a symbol of the relics within.

Saint Chapelle has been beautifully restored. after being badly savaged in the French Revolution.


Destination – France