The outside world has always had a love affair with France since the Romans colonised it. Most people envisage spectacular beaches, bronzed bodies and conspicuous wealth of the infamous Côte D’Azur, but France also offers some of the best food in the world, picturesque towns, ancient Roman ruins and it has inspired generations of artists.Cahors Cathedral by decar66 Flickr Creative Commons

Few other nations of its size pack such sheer variety of sights, scenery and culture from the unique Brittany to the Loire Valley, rich in greenery and grapes, the snow capped peaks of the Alps to the east and south-west Pyrénées, the south central Massif Central with rocks and plateaux and the luscious south east Mediterranean coastline.

All this variety is within a day’s journey of Paris, fashion, art, style and culture epicentre.

Situated on the western tip of Europe, France is nearly the same size as Texas with a population of 65.7 million.


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