The Bullet Proof Tailor

There may be few advantages to living in a country where violence, kidnappings, drug deals and murder have been  a daily affair, but a Colombian tailor appears to have found one.

Miguel Caballero, known as the ‘Armani of bulletproof clothes’ makes clothes that help protect you against bullets, knives and other weapons.

He had the idea while still at university, inspired by the lack of protective clothing worn by the bodyguards of one of his fellow students.. He started making bullet proof leather and suede jackets and then raincoats, blazers, coats, other tops.

Now he produces over $3 million worth of bulletproof clothing every year from his Bogota factory.

Customers have included the Colombian president, president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and the Prince of Spain.

Caballero’s clothes combine protection with panache. The weight of protective jacket has been brought down from 4.5 kilos 10 years ago to 1.2.The items cost  between $200- $2,000.

Miguel Caballero takes pride in one of his marketing techniques.  Each of the new employees dons one of his bulletproof jackets and  is shot!. The fact that Caballero has shot his lawyer 4 times and hasn’t gone to jail seems like a good selling point.