The Classic French Basque Beret

The beret is synonymous with romantic France, and became the fashion piece for early 19th Century farmers and shepherds in the Basque region. It was also adopted as a symbol by the French Resistance in World War II. The basic shape of the French beret is like the roof of a house, pointed with two folding roofs of soft felt.

The beret has since been adapted by armies across the world, popularised by Che Guevara, the American army, and even Monica Lewinsky! The US army thought of adopting their infamous green headgear to identify an army waning in public recognition in the 1950s.

Knitting Guide to Making your own Beret (courtesy of The Woolgatherer)

Cast on 70 Stiches
Knit 3 rounds
Increase 1st stitch in every 10th (7increases) Makes 77 stitches
Knit 4 rounds
Increase 1st stitch in every 11st (7 increases) Makes 84 stitches.
Knit until entire work measures 7 inches.


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