The Royal Enfield – India’s Motorcycle

Royal Enfield bikes are known for their classic design, rugged construction, and timeless appeal. They’re also one of the most popular motorcycle brands in India,

The first Royal Enfield motorcycle was built in 1901 by the British  Enfield Cycle Company . It was responsible for the design and original production of the Royal Enfield Bullet. This is the longest-lived motorcycle design in history.

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield 1

The company boasts a rich heritage in producing durable and stylish bikes. Its distinct design and thumping engines have gained a devoted global fan base.

In 1955, the company partnered with Madras Motors in India forming Enfield of India, based in Chennai. The venture started assembling the 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras. The first machines were assembled from components imported from England. Starting in 1957, Enfield of India acquired the machines necessary to build components in India, and by 1962 all components were made in India.

From 1955 through 1960, imported English Royal Enfield motorcycles, were mildly customized in the United States, and sold under the Indian branding.Almost all Royal Enfield models had a corresponding Indian model in the US. The models were Indian Chief, Trailblazer, Apache (all three were 700 cc twins), Tomahawk (500 cc twin), Woodsman (500 cc single), Westerner (500 cc single), Hounds Arrow (250 cc single), Fire Arrow (250 cc single), Lance (150 cc 2-stroke single) and a 3-wheeled Patrol Car (350 cc single)

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield

In 1960, the Indian name was bought by Associated Motor Cycles  in the UK. Royal Enfield being their competition, abruptly stopped shipping all Enfield-based Indian models except the 700 cc Chief.

The US based Indian motorcycle brand is as old as the Royal Enfield one and has been through numerous changes of ownership since it’s founding in the first years of the 20th century ..


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