India is a country of diversity and a land for all seasons. The world’s highest mountain chain, the Himalayas, borders the country to the north and offers a range of exciting adventures such as trekking, skiing, and white water rafting or spectacular retreats for those looking to experience the more quiet side of life.

Sun glazed, palm lined beaches encapsulate the tropical jungles and arid deserts of the south where balmy weather and wildlife abound. Everywhere across India’s 26 states you will experience the diversity in its language and culture, reflecting over 5000 years of history and evolution. The royal cities, temples and regal palaces present a beautiful backdrop to the countries rapid technological progress. Exotic and inviting, you can live the life of the Maharaja, visiting the royal forts and palaces of the country while wrapping yourself in the luxurious, colourful silks available everywhere.

From the moment you land in India, you will be greeted with the welcome gesture of Namaste everywhere you go and have the chance to experience sights, sounds, tastes and smells that will evoke sweet memories forever.

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India’s Independence Railroads

India’s Independence Railroads

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