TOFU NAO (Breakfast)


• Fresh tofu – 1 bowl
• Various kinds of dried mushrooms soaked in water
• Star anise – 1 piece
• Wood ear (black fungus) – 1 small bowl
• White fungus – 1 smalll bowl
• Chili paste – half 1 teaspoon
• Oil – 3 tablespoons
• Salt – to taste
• Soy sauce – to taste


1. Chopped mushrooms into bite sizes.

2. Put oil into wok, make sure it’s really hot.

3. Put in mushrooms, add salt and stir-fry.

4. Remove the mushrooms from wok.

5. Put a star anise in the wok.

6. Add half a teaspoon of chili paste.

7. Pour mushroom stock into wok.

8. Add soy sauce and salt.

9. Add wood ear and white fungus into the mixture.

10. Let it cook for 5 – 10 mins or until the taste of the mixture/soup is brought out.

11. Now put the fresh tofu (portion to own preference) in a bowl and scoop the cooked ingredients from the wok and place into bowl. Add the soup to the bowl.

12. Add a small piece of cilantro for garnishing and it’s ready to be served.