Top 5 Norway

  1.  Geirangerfjord, Norway

Norway is  a country full of fjords with  an estimated  one thousand two hundred of them . The Geirangerfjord meets all the criteria to make it Norway’s king of the fjords. Over nine miles long and just under a mile wide it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides, the Geirangerfjord is adorned with several very impressive waterfalls and some of the most scenic hiking trails in the world.


  1. Lofoten Isjands 

The isolated islands, which are north of the Arctic Circle, have been blessed with landscapes which look as if they could only have been created by the most imaginative of game designers. Stark and steep mountain peaks back the glacial waters of the fjords which are so clear they reflect the blue of the sky and the colorful, painted fishing huts which line their shores. Add the extra nuance of Arctic light by day or the aurora borealis by night and it’s as if a little piece of heaven has somehow ended up in a remote corner of the earth.


  1. The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo 

Located  on the Bygdøy peninsula just outside Oslo’s city centre has long been the most popular Viking museum to visit. Here, the three preserved Viking ships found in Norway – Oseberg, Tune and Gokstad – are exhibited. They are ranked among the world’s best-preserved vessels from the era.

Recently they were joined by the the wreck of the Gjellstad .The 70-foot-long ship is widely believed to be the greatest ever Viking find. There is also an impressive array of grave goods and everyday tools from the Viking era.

The Historical Museum in Oslo, also contains exquisite objects from the Viking Age.


       4. The Atlantic Road, Norway

If you’re into exciting drives, the Atlantic Road should be right at the top of your list of amazing highways. The Atlantic Road curves its way through an archipelago of islands on the western coast of Norway. The road links the islands together with five miles of twisted switchbacks , eight bridges, and several viaducts. It has been described as Norway’s construction of the century.



The capital of the Arctic, Tromsø, is located right in the middle of Northern Norway. If your bucket list includes the northern lights, whale watching, the midnight sun, and epic nature adventures, this is definitely where you want to go.

Enjoy superb conditions for ski touring, biking and hiking in the Lyngenfjord region, experience the Sami culture in towns like Karasjok and Alta, and enter the northernmost point of Europe at the North Cape.

In the eastern part of this vast region, you’ll find the Varanger peninsula, which is a bird watcher’s paradise. Go king crab fishing and dog sledding in Kirkenes and Varanger, where you also can spend an unforgettable night in an ice hotel.

In the areas surrounding Tromsø, several unique islands are waiting to be explored, including Senja, Kvaløya, and Sommarøy.