Whale watching in La Laguna San Ignacio

Beach Essentials

Where: Baja California, Mexico
When: Dec- March
Happenings: Whale watching & cave art
Remember to bring: Binoculars and a camera to snap a flippered friend

Baja California is a desert peninsula with hundreds of miles of unspoilt beaches. On the east are the tranquil waters of the Gulf fo California. La Laguna San Igancio is located on the west coast where it is a little cooler, but the waves here on the Pacific side are more impressive.


Northern Baja California experiences a rainy season form December to March but on the Pacific coast temperatures are fairly mild all year long, roughly between 60 and 75ºF. Inland it can be scorching during the summer months.


Whale Watching

The whale watching season begins on the 1st of January and ends in late March. At this time California Grey Whales migrate 6000 miles form the Bering sea to Baja to mate. To go whale watching you’ll need to rent a boat from a local registered fisherman.

Explore secluded beaches

Rent a car, head off the beaten track and discover deserted beaches you’ve only ever dreamed of.

See Cochimi Rock Art

Huge cave paintings depicting animals and people are thought to have religious significance for the now extinct Cochimi tribes people.



Baja Adventures
Multi adventure vacation in Baja California, like Sea Kayaking in the Midriff Islands, or a six day whale watching tour. A must see site for seafaring adventurers.
An encyclopaedic site dedicated to the grey whale species and the
protection of its environment. Includes whale watching
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Friends of the San Ignacio site

Up to date info on environmental issues on the area.