Travel in the COVID-Zone

Cardiff named UK’s most bike friendly city

Following the cycling booms that occurred during lockdowns right the way across Europe, Cardiff in Wales has been named the UK’s most bike friendly city by route-finding app Komoot!

Participants were asked to rate a range of factors including cycling infrastructure, such as cycle lanes and signage, local cycling facilities, countryside accessibility and their sense of personal safety when it comes to cycling in the city.

The Food of Quarantine

The BBC took a look at the kind of foods being delivered to the rooms of those quarantining around the world. Spoiler: It largely resembles a cross between plane food, hospital food and a classic British school dinner… Yum?

Let us know on Twitter if you experienced this kind of quarantine food and what you thought of it!


Other Coronavirus News & Statistics

  • India, who otherwise make and distribute around 60% of the world’s vaccines, have announced that they are just weeks away from beginning to export their own vaccine for the coronavirus.
  • Worldometers: Up to date Coronavirus statistics


Main image: Cardiff Ajax and Arbis heading for top 10s, Jun, Flickr Creative Commons