Formerly Bechuanaland, Botswana achieved independence in 1966 and then discovered three of the richest diamond formations in the world. It’s a hugely wealth and successful country by African standards, and has a black ruled multi racial government unrivalled elsewhere in black Africa. It’s a great and safe country for travelling in, but attracts only high-cost low-volume tourism to preserve the countries natural beauty. It’s a country you need big bucks to live and travel in, but some areas around the tourist nature spot the Okavango Delta are less expensive. It’s a fantastic country to visit if you want to discover wetland wildlife and the wilderness of the Wild Kalahari desert.

main image: courtesy of Justin Jensen, Flickr creative commons


Land locked and mainly desert land and scrub, the rainy season runs November to March, the dry season (May to August) is the best time to discover the county’s wildlife.


With a population of one and a half million, over half of these are of Tswana heritage. European, Asian and other tribes live in the cities and regionally.


English is the official language, although Seswana is the native language of nearly everyone.


The currency is the pula. Credit cards are accepted at tourist places, banks only exist in the major towns.

P8= $US 1.

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Be prepared to spend, spend, spend. Prices compare to Europe for food, but accommodation and safari can reach sky high prices.