Zimbabwe, situated in South-East Africa, was once a friendly and relatively safe place to visit. Unfortunately, at the time of writing,  the regime of dictator – president Robert Mugabe has taken a strangle hold on the nation and it is no longer advisable to visit Zimbabwe. The president’s aggressive policy of evicting white farm owners from their land is escalating into a major famine as ‘settlers’ (i.e. supporters of Mugabe) have taken over and demolished farms and the country is facing a severe famine threatening the lives of millions. Coupled with the police state of abuse of all Zimbabweans and the total censorship of the press, Zimbabwe is close to total destruction, in the land that was once the ‘breadbasket of Africa’. Journalists are banned, and tourists are virtually non existent now; you can be arrested for recording real life events. Our advice – don’t go there right now.

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