The earlier travellers called it the mythical paradise of Shangrila, but to us earthly mortals it’s Nepal. Sandwiched between India and Tibet, Nepal could be just the place for partying during the season of numerous religious festivals or escaping to a mountainous retreat.

Trekking is the main attraction for any tourist who come here. Exhibiting some of the world’s loftiest peaks, here you can team up mountain climbing with traditional culinary delights for an unforgettable experience. Small towns and pleasant rural villages are linked by paths through paddy fields, forests and yak pastures, giving trekkers access to the foothills and mountains beyond.

Nepal is also perfect for soul-searchers wishing to spend some time lying idly in the shadows of snow-covered mountains listening to the peaceful sounds coming from the Buddhist monasteries or Hindu temples. Situated in the central region of greater Himalayas, besides trekking, Nepal also offers an opportunity for spirtual experiences.

Bhutan is a country of rolling hills and towering crags. With small patches of cultivation and very little deforestation, Bhutan proves to be paradise for the traveller who enjoys untouched scenic beauty and fresh air. Often compared to the Swiss Alps, Bhutan flaunts its beauty with green hills, houses that look like chalets and pleasant snow peaks that cover the basic terrain of the region.

A combined trip to Nepal and Bhutan spells out high adventure on the mountains, partying during the festive season and relaxing in serene surroundings.

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