Cambodia is a land of lush beauty, contrast and ancient mystery. Together with Laos, they form the little known region called Indochina. You will find treasures in the great ancient temples still embraced in the jungle clutches, strings of pristine islands, unspoilt beaches with seaside restaurants and beautiful underwater reefs exploding with colourful wildlife ready to explore.

Breathtaking sites to see include the ruins ofAngor Wat, once the greatest city in the world and a definite contender as one of the great Wonders of the World, and the glorious hybrid of ragged Cambodian meets French Colonial architecture of Phnom Penh.

Cambodia is still recovering from its recent period of brutality since the 1970’s war with the USA, but everywhere you go you will find the untainted welcoming of a gentle people ensuring Cambodia remains the ‘Land of Smiles’.


The best time to visit Cambodia is November through January when the weather is not too hot and the cool, dry northeastern winds bring little rain to the country. In February, both the temperature and humidity index start to incline until its peak in April with temperatures reaching over 104F (40C). Trips to Cambodia can still be enjoyed during the wet season, with September and October being the wettest months, since the rains tend to come only sporadically in the afternoon. Year round temperatures never vary much more than 20F so you can expect a comfortable climate even during the wet season.


Dress codes are pretty conservative both in the city as well as the countryside. In order not to offend, both men and women should wear clothing that covers their legs with short sleeves being acceptable on top. Particular attention should be paid when visiting a religious site, such as the various temples (wats), where long sleeves and long trousers or skirts for women should be worn.

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