With its breathtaking scenery of lush forests, caves, waterfalls, picture-book castles, and mountain backdrops, Slovenia is the perfect destination for any traveler. Although it is the smallest country in Eastern Europe, Slovenia is profitably located between eastern and western Europe and controls some of Europe’s major transit routes. It shares borders with Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

While its former-Yugoslav counterparts, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, were entangled in bitter fighting with Serbia, Slovenia succeeded in declaring its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 after defeating the Serb-dominated Yugoslav’s People’s Army in a war that lasted only ten days. On 1 May 2004, Slovenia entered the European Union along with nine other states with 90 percent of Slovenes voting in favour of joining. At the time it was the only candidate country from the former Yugoslavia.

The capital Ljubljana is a city filled with baroque architecture, overflowing with art galleries and museums, with a thirteenth century castle overlooking the city. Travel southwest towards theAdriatic Coast where the Secovlje saltpans are located – a botanical Mecca scattered along the coast line with 45 endangered plant species, 200 species of bird, and a natural fish farm.

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