Lights, Action, London!

Lights, Action, London!

Once again, London displayed its reputation as a city of intrigue and wonder as a cacophany of light beamed across the city.


Over the course of a chilly weekend in January, throngs of visitors  flocked to wander the streets and join the hunt in and around the city’s central spots to seek out luminary gems.


Luminous fish kites hovered above the popular shopping district of Regent Street, gigantic flowers resembling triffids swayed in the gardens of Leicester Square, and a series of mannequins formed by netted structures set in various poses; flying above or seated atop rooftops in St.James, near the Piccadilly Arcade.

lumiere5Elsewhere, blinking match stick men shifted rhythmically towards and away from the crowds, the sonic effects of Elephantastic and her baby elephant swinging in her trunk reverberated through the crowd whilst Westminster Abbey was intricately lit by light that integrated with its structure entitled called ” The Light of the Spirit.”

Lumiere was presented by Artichoke, the production company who brought London to standstill with The Sultan’s Elephant.

Thanks to Neda Dorudi for the images


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Feature image by On.My.Bigfoot, Flickr creative commons