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Globe Guides: Extreme Landscapes

Over the millennia the elements have created some of the most breath taking landscapes imaginable. From ancient rock formations caused by molten lava, to massive waterfalls cause by endless erosion, this program guides you around the world’s most extreme and beautiful landscapes.

Ian Wright and Justine Shapiro head to South America to get a look at the world’s widest and tallest waterfalls, Iguazu in Brazil and Angel Falls in Venezuela. Ian also gets a close look at the power of water in a trip to Iceland’s Strokkur geyser and the rather odorous ‘Thermal Wonderland’ in New Zealand.

This guide also unveils some of the most extreme plant life in the world. In the spectacular Pumalin National Park in ChileMatt Young gets a close look at the all mighty Allerci tree, while in California Justine is dwarfed by the largest trees in the world.


Places Mentioned - Brazil, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, USA, Venezuela

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South America

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