3 Facts About Beer in the Ancient World

Beer is a staple in pubs, social gatherings and celebrations, but few appreciate – or can comprehend the complex and long history behind this iconic beverage. The following are 3 mind blowing facts about beer in the ancient world.

Beer was first discovered around 10,000 – 5,000 BC

It was around the time when humans transitioned from gathers and started settling into tribes when farming became a way of life, and barley was one of the grains farmed.

Beer was safer to drink than water

It was more nutritious than the bread made and even the drinking water that was available around 2,000 BC. You were more likely to get ill drinking water than beer.

It has been used for celebrations for thousands of years

As early as the Bronze Age, the people were aware of alcohol’s ability to relax the drinker. It was also used in wedding traditions! The father of the bride would make a month’s worth of beer for his new son in law following the wedding.

Beer is now a part of our lives, but our ancestors got there first and embraced it in their culture and lives.

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By Kaz Bosali