Argentina: Iguazu Falls

“In the far north east  of Argentina flowing through the jungles of Missiones Province  is the Iguazu River. As it nears the the border with Brazil the waters gather pace . Soon they will decend into the largest waterfall system in the world..The Iguazu Falls.

The falls are made up of almost 200 separate waterfalls.

They are located  in the north east corner of Argentina on the border with Paraguay and Brazil .

The best views of the falls can be found on the Brazilian side where a series of walkways take you up close and personal with some of the 80 largest waterfalls here

On the Argentinian side , where the falls are located,  its less crowded. as the walkways are scattered over a larger area.

But a walk into the mouth of The Devils Throat , the  Garganta del Diablo, gets you closer to the waterfalls than anywhere else.Half the water that crashes from the falls decends from here – the Devils Throat is 80 metres wide and 80 metres deep. Only Victoria Falls in Africa spews a greater sheet of water from any one waterfall .

If you want to experience what it’s like at the bottom of these magnificent falls  you can opt to take a boat trip under the falls themselves.

For a quieter experience,  spot wildlife in the national park including the magnificent toucan .

A million and a half people visit the park every year.But the park management here  is superb – this afterall is one of the great wonders of the world”