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25 Most Loved Countries

We asked, and were answered in posts, pins and tweets!

Although there were hundreds of interesting, exotic and spectacular places all around the world that our fans voted for as those they long to revisit, some countries/regions shone bright as the places that stirred the soul the most.

Because we were inspired by the feedback, we decided to compile the 25 most loved countries/regions into a special list. Did your favourite make the final cut?


…as voted by fans!

25. The Czech Republic, with its fairy-tale like towns and cities and plethora of things to do – it’s no wonder this region of the world made it into the top 25 most loved.

25 CR Prague by Moyan Brenn

Image by Moyan Brenn, Prague, Flickr

24. Brazil, for its wondrous landscapes and the people’s zest and passion!

24 Brazil by Muzzanese

Image by Muzzanese, Christ the Redeemer, Flickr

23. Egypt, ancient and unforgettable – a destination on most people’s bucket lists, and those who see its famous landmarks are not disappointed.

Egypt - Pilot Productions

22. France, romantic and historical, from its smallest of towns to classic Paris.

22 France - Paris - 1-2

22 France - Paris - Globe Trekker

Paris, Pilot Productions

21. Germany – a country that constantly surprises; it’s clean, intriguing and cultural – always a pleasure to visit.

21 Germany-2

20. Iceland, apparently home to some of the happiest people on earth! It’s also a destination that makes plenty of visitors very cheerful, so much so, they can’t wait to return.

20 Iceland by Moyan Brenn

Image by Moyan Brenn, Iceland

19. Austria, in the heart of Europe and loved for its awe-inspiring landscapes and romantic culture. It’s also renowned for being an easy, safe place to travel.

19 Austria-Hallstatt

18. England, for its gorgeous villages and cool cities, London in particular – it’s called Cool Britannia for a reason.

19 England - Sarah Blinco

17. Japan – a wonderful combination of centuries-old tradition and futuristic technology. The people are polite, food is delicious, and it’s simply a fascinating place to be.

17 Japan

Japan, Pilot Productions

16. Switzerland – just as beautiful in summer as winter, and renowned as being one of the most picturesque regions of the world. The fondue’s pretty good too! It’s easy to find things to smile at on an adventure here.

16 Switzerland

Switzerland, Pilot Productions

15. Burma, also known as Myanmar, has become a mecca for travellers in recent years; temples, gardens, beauty and friendly people are just a few of the reasons why this place holds a special spot in the hearts of travellers.

15 Burma Mindat - Munn women & Megan

Burma, Pilot Productions

14. Chile, it’s a land of extreme landscapes, from deserts to glaciers; there’s a thousand amazing things to see and do, and then some. Chile is intoxicating and offers travellers adventure and amazement – a no-brainer for our top 15.


13. Argentina – beautiful people and intriguing sites; food, culture, shopping and colour!

13 Argentina

12. Israel, it’s a land steeped in history and holiness, and those who have visited and fallen in love with the place hope one day everyone can experience the Israel that’s intrigued them so.

12 Israel Wailing Wall by Daniele Giovannoni - Creative Commons

11. Croatia, a part of the world that is becoming increasingly popular for its enchanting towns and cities, dramatic landscapes, glorious beaches and island experiences.

11 Croatia

10. Portugal, with its warmth, delicious food and picture-perfect landscapes – it’s the destination of choice for countless people keen to spend summer by the water, and it leaves a positive mark on most who drop in for a visit.

10 Flikr-Creative-Commons-Trams-in-Portugal-by-gilfman1-640x280

9. Thailand – exotic and unique, loved as much for its relaxing holiday options as it is for adventure-seekers. Many have made amazing memories in Thailand.

09 Thailand

8. Peru, with ancient wonders like Machu Picchu, extraordinary landscapes and friendly people (despite any language barriers); it’s a different world from what most of us are used to, but one that stays with us forever.

Peru by AllOverThePlanet

Image by AllOverThePlanet, Huayhuash Trek in Peru

1. Scotland – castles, lochs, Nessie. It may be a small country, but it’s full of wonders and beauty (and maybe even some fairies)!

07 Scotland - Sarah Blinco

Eilean Donan Castle, by Sarah Blinco

6. Australia – for many it’s so far away, yet it is an aspirational destination, and there’s nothing quite like seeing iconic Aussie animals and landmarks up close, which is why it is understandable so many voted this country as one they would love to return to.

06 Australia - Sarah Blinco

Image by Sarah Blinco

06 Australia -2 Sarah Blinco

Image by Sarah Blinco

5. New Zealand – jaw-dropping landscapes and plenty on offer for those with an adventurous spirit; like Australia, NZ is a bucket-list item for many, and the country certainly never disappoints.

05 NZ-Landscape-by-jacksonkuo-Flickr-Creative-Commons

4. Spain, overflowing with everything that’s amazing, from food to architecture, colourful costumes and history – it definitely deserves a place in the top five of this special 25 most loved countries list, don’t you agree?

04 Spain Metropolis Barcelona

Metropolis – Barcelona – Trailer

3. Italy – time and time again, this beautiful country was mentioned across the community as a favourite. From the gelato to its bright, quirky and downright pretty spaces – Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona and everywhere in between. It’s easy to fall in love with (and in!) Italy. 

Italy by Moyan Brenn

Image by Moyan Brenn, Rome, Flickr

2. Ireland, without a doubt one of the most popular countries voted for when we asked fans about their most loved destinations. The people are friendly and very funny (it’s easy to laugh and have fun), the countryside is beautiful and there’s music everywhere! Ireland most certainly is intoxicating.

02 Ireland-2

Romantic streets of Dublin, Sarah Blinco

1. Greece, won the number one spot on this list by a mile. It seems great history teamed with all the addictive allure of the Mediterranean is a perfect recipe for holidays, travel-adventure and life-long memories. Here’s hoping we all get to go there (again) soon!

01 Greece 2

Athens, Greece by Sarah Blinco

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Compiled by Sarah Blinco.