Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia: Travel

We begin our journey on the French Island of Corsica. From Calvi we travel to Corte then to Ajaccio and the southern port of Bonifacio. Then its on to Sardinia which is part of Italy. From the Port of Cagliari we travel to Palermo, the capital of Sicily and end our trip on top of a volcano on the island of Stromboli.

On the Road

By Train

If you’re planning a trek to the mountains of Corte, you’ll need to catch a train from the station in Al Cajola station. There are four trains a day and the two-hour journey only costs four dollars.

By Boat

A great way to get to Sardinia in Italy is to go down to the port at Bonifacio and try and hitch a lift on one of the boats. The crossing should only take about an hour and a half. Of course if you want to take a regular ferry to Sardinia there are four services daily in high season and it only costs four dollars.

By Car

The best way to see Sardinia is by car. The big name rental companies have offices in Cagliari but with a hefty $300 deposit you can rent a vintage Fiat Topolino from a local operator.

Cagliari to Palermo

There are lots of ferry companies serving the Cagliari/Palermo route srossing from Sardinia to Sicily, but prices jump considerably during the summer months. An overnight sleeper cost $30 and a cabin will set you back about $80 per person, but you’ve got to book in advance. Of course if you want an easier trip than this you can always fly. There are five flights daily from Cagliari to Palermo.

By Scooter

The only way to get around downtown Palermo is on a zippy scooters. It is great fun, but the roads are really dangerous, every drivers is a nutter. Renting a 50CC scooter costs about $40 a day and as a tourist you’ve got to be careful on the streets of Palermo and although the local don’t, its advised to where a helmet for safety.

By Hydrofoil

You can catch the hydrofoil to the Aeolian island of Stromboli, just five hours from Palermo, but you should always check departure times because the slightest breeze and everything is cancelled.