Hiking in the Fall, Stowe, Vermont

The further north you head in Vermont, the more heavily forested it becomes. Stowe is one of New England’s best winter ski resorts, which means it’s also a great place for hiking in what the Americans coin as “the fall”, or early Autumn when the leaves shed their leaves. 

What’s there to see and do?Stowe is an easy going ground for leisurely and short hikes, with clearly marked and well maintained paths. Early Autumn mornings when the rising sunlight filters through the trees is a glorious time to be in Stowe, crunching on a carpet of red and gold leaves and soaking in the kaleidoscopic range of autumnal colours – every shade of brown, red, crimson, gold, deep greens you can imagine. 

TrailsThe Pinnacle trail offers fantastic views of the town of Stowe, whereas the Long Trail is a massive 265 mile route crossing all of Vermont which can be walked part of. The steepest section is the Long Trail South climbing the 4000 ft Mount Mansfield. Remember to bring warm gear on high altitude trips. The path up to Mt. Mansfield is a great easy going 4 hour hike. In the Fall it’s just a quiet little trail, but eventually it opens up into a ski run in the winter. It’s not exactly a hike you do for the conquest of the summit, but a gentle path to experience the beauty of Stowe’s nature in full, where you can observe its swooping valleys and mountain peaks. Weather permitting, it’s possible to go on a tandem glider ride and get a good look at all those colours. It’s a sublime experience – as close to flying in open air as you are ever likely to get.

Book AheadIf you think you’re in for a secluded back to nature fall experience, think again. All of America and beyond are probably thinking the same and it gets very crowded – book well ahead to secure your lodgings.



Whitcomb Aviation – SoaringThe best way to see the fall is from up in the sky.

Morrisville-Stowe state airport2305 Laporte RoadRoute 100MorrisvilleVT 05661Tel: 001 800 898 7845

Favourite Hikes in StoweTake a ride on the shoe leather express with leisurely strolls and short hikes in Stowe. 

Splendour in the PeaksHiking Vermont’s Worcester Range. 


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