Nazi Horrors at Berlin’s Topography of Terrors

On ground dissected by one of the few remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall ,stands the Topography of Terrors – a documentation centre situated on open ground which used to be the exact site of the buildings occupied by the SS , Gestapo and the 3rd Reich’s security services. The buildings were  destroyed in the final days of WW 2.

Established by Hitler and his cronies , the SS and Gestapo were among the Nazi’s most brutal foot soldiers

Inside the centre their gruesome activities are graphically illlustrated. It focuses  on their persecutions and how they organised them,particularly against  Jews .

This site is situated just over the border in the old East Berlin, and faces one of the few a remaining segments of the Berlin Wall .In front of the wall there is now an exhibition trench featuring more photo exhibits on a wall  that used to be part of  underground  prison cells  used by the Gestapo to torture prisoners.

Just beyond the wall is one of the few  Nazi built buildings left standing in Berlin  . It is now the  finance ministry but the giant structure was commissioned by Goebels.

There is little remaining in Berlin of Germany’ s brutal Nazi past. But this site offers up a terrifying reminder of the horrors that were planned and committed here .