Semana Santa in Mexico

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated nationwide in Mexico , as it is in much of Latin America.

Mexico is a deeply Catholic country. In the 19th century, politicians here even suggested the Pope relocate to Mexico stating it was the most Catholic country in the world.

Mexico celebrates the last week in the life of Christ, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, with sombre religious processions, spoofing of Judas, and re-enactments of biblical events, plus food and craft fairs.

Some businesses close during this traditional week of Mexican national vacations, and almost all close on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

If you plan to travel to Mexico during Holy Week, make your reservations early. Airline seats into Cancún in particular will be reserved months in advance. Planes and buses to towns across the Yucatán and to almost anywhere else in Mexico will be full, so try arriving on the Wednesday or Thursday before Good Friday.

Easter Sunday is quiet, and the week following is a traditional vacation period.


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