Mexico has a visual appeal second to none, with its brilliant, crystal clear aquamarine Caribbean Sea, its massive Aztec pyramids, Mayan temples and baroque cathedrals, to its huge canyons and dense jungles that evoke a sense of ancient mysticism and eeriness.

It is a country that has everything for the traveller, whether you are a history buff, or simply enjoy the bustle of modern life.
Dive in the fantastic waters off theYucatan coast, or see the marine wonders of Baja California. Ride hard with the Charros, join in colourful fiestas, or sample the delicious foods of the markets. Or you can even just hang out and enjoy the highlife in Acapulco.

With 30 states and a myriad of languages, cultures and cuisines to explore, Mexico is an exhilarating destination to explore!

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