The Pantheon of Paris

The Pantheon in Paris is one of the city’s most spectacular buildings . It was inspired by its great 1st century namesake in Rome but is more often compared to Sir Christopher  Wren’s St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
A final resting place for some of Paris’  great citizens it contains the tombs of Voltaire and Victor Hugo
Built in by Louis XV in 1744 as a church it took 50 years to build before being turned into a public space .During the Revolution it was turned into a mausoleum for the city’s high achievers.
Napoleon returned it to the church in 1806 but it was subsequently turned back to a public building in 1885.
The Pantheon’s facade of 22 giant Corinthian columns are based on Roman design .The galleries below the huge dome offer glorious 360 degree views of Paris.
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