Vermont’s Famous Ice Cream

Vermont may be famous for its foliage, but it’s also famous for another American favourite, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Set up in the 70’s by two hippies ,Ben and Jerry, their ice-cream became famous for its wild and crazy flavours. Ben and Jerry were old childhood buddies Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who sent away $5 for an information sheet on how to make ice cream. In 1978 they opened their first shop in a disused gas station and the ice cream shop prospered due to their unique and strange flavour combinations.Flavour GraveyardHave you ever wondered whatever happened to your favourite flavour of ice-cream, when you no longer see it on the shelf? Even ice-cream experiences the circle of life and they die. Ben & Jerry’s store all their old batches in a flavour graveyard. 

The flavour graveyard notables include tropical Rainforest Chunk, the caffeine over load of Coffee Coffee Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Pulp Addiction, the nutty and fudge covere almonds of Dilbert’s World Totally Nuts, the classic Cool Britannia (mix of vanilla, strawberries and chocolate shortcake – think Wimbledon tennis meets naught decadence) and Monkey Wrench (banana and beanut butter). Watch out for the Holy Cannoli which is made from ricotta cheese. 

Nowadays you can enjoy the great flavours of Berry Nice, Carawmel Chew Chew, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chunk Monkey, Phish Stick (chocolate, marshmallow and caramel) From Russia With Buzz is a favourite – coffee ice cream, coffee liquor and expresson chocolate chips. Local specialities include the Full ver-Monty – Maple ice cream with pecan and caramel. 

The hippie ideal lies behind the zany front of Ben & Jerry’s – the cult titled Cherry Garcia – cherries, cocolate chunks and walnuts – in homage to the Grateful Dead‘s notorious and radical frontman is a total giveaway. However you enjoy Ben & Jerry’s – remember to keep it chilled.

Destination – New England