White water rafting the Kennebec River, Maine

Maine is the state where the landscape becomes rugged and powerful. 

In the northern part of Maine near Freeport is the 12 mile long Kennebec River, which is supposedly the longest white water rafting you can do in New England. 

The Kennebec River is controlled by a hydroelectric station upstream, which means you can find out where the really big releases of water are for a really great ride. You’ve got to be careful at night in Maine. There’s lots of bears, lots of wild moose and its critical to find a safe place to camp for the night. Freeport is a great place to sample Maine’s speciality dish, fresh lobster. 

On the Kennebec River  you can discover the biggest and most regular rollercoaster waves on the East Coast. Be prepared to get wet and wild – but it is a vigorous and demanding experience. Experienced rafters can take aduckie trip in an inflatable kayak. 

EquipmentWhite water rafting in the summer is a more pleasant expereince – you’ll only need to bring swimming wear, shorts, old trainers and a towel. In the winter be prepared to get fully kitted out with a wool hat, gloves, sock , water proof rain jacket, swimming wear, and a towel. You can rent a wet suit for around $6 – $12 for half a day which saves a lot of hassle. Other Things to See and Do

Just a half day’s hike from the Forks of the Kennebec lies the infamous Appalachian Trail near Mount Katahdin which is great for mountain biking.


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