The Gambia

The coastlines of West Africa boast miles of fabulous sandy beaches, thriving townships, and colourful local markets that serve as authentic centres to learn about the food and culture of the people. With a consistent dry, warm climate, West Africa is an ideal destination to absorb the sights and culture of the continents’ rich and vibrant society. For nature lovers, a wealth of fauna can be found in the national parks, many are accessible and it is possible to arrange accommodation in some.

Ghana, Gambia and Senegal also hold important historical backgrounds, colonial fortresses are still evident today. Spend some time exploring these haunting monuments to the regions’ horrific past and the museums will give visitors a deeper insight into the tragedies that happened.

The narrow strip of land running alongside the River Gambia and encased by Senegal, goes by the name The Gambia. It runs 300 miles long by a massive 10 to 30 miles wide. It’s a great place to explore West Africa’s spectacular scenery, pristine tropical beaches and traditional villages, making The Gambia an ideal destination for the independent traveller. Unfortunately, the wider world has caught on to this secluded paradise, and subsequently many tourist developments have sprung up, although you’re unlikely to come across package tourists since they rarely venture out of their ‘all-inclusive’ bubbles. A feature of Gambia you should not miss is the local bumsters. Selling you anything from tacky souvenirs to hashish, you quickly learn the ‘brush-off’. Their stalking ground is the capital city of Banjul.

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