Situated just below the North Pole, Iceland and Greenland are neighbours in the North Atlantic, countries where the Inuit people of the west first met the Norse people from the east.
Greenland and Iceland may be close to Canada and Europe but the harsh Arctic climate and the high cost of living means few visitors come here, but those who do discover lands of some of the most breathtaking and undisturbed snow and ice encrusted scenery in the world.

Iceland is the land that the Vikings tried to claim, with natural extremities of molten lava, boiling water, ice rain and snow. It’s a country that has captured people’s imaginations as children or teenagers because of the ancient sagas literature. Iceland claims some of the world’s biggest waterfalls and glaciers, as well as panoramic countryside and serenity.

The population is a mere 276,000, 60% of which live in the capital city, Reykjavik. It’s a paradise for hiking, horse riding and fishing, and you can take a snowmobile ride in summer or winter. With River rafting, kayaking or sea trips all on offer, Iceland is truly home to the great outdoors. It’s also become the supreme site for dolphin and whale watching in Europe.

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