Located in the heart of Central Europe, Slovakia is bordered by Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. The capital is Bratislava, located in the south west of the country, just several miles from the Austrian and Hungarian borders. The famous Danube that runs through Central and Eastern Europe, connecting some of its greatest cities, runs through Bratislava.

Just outside of Bratislava are some of Slovakia’s most popular wine regions – including the Little Carpathian Wine Route, making it easy to taste the product of vines that have been cultivated since Roman times, and to gather a sense of the natural beauty that is a constant thread throughout the country.

Slovakia’s position at the convergence of many cultures contributes to a multifaceted destination where visitors can step back in time, to various eras that have left their mark in the architecture, open air museums, churches, castles, Gothic relics, and small villages situated across the country.

The natural beauty of Slovakia is one of its most alluring assets. Karstic landscape complemented by greenery in the south and central regions give way to snow-capped peaks in the High Tatras mountains of the north and east, and lowlands elsewhere. Vines grow in fertile valleys around Bratislava and in other pockets throughout the country.

Within serene forested mountains and rolling hills that characterize much of the landscape lie many surprises. These include huge caves to be toured, deep gorges to be hiked, thermal pools to be soaked in, and rivers and reservoirs to be explored.

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