American Rockies

The American Rockies cover over 1000 square miles of the United States of America from Canada to New Mexico. The region is official called the Rocky Mountain States and comprises of the states of Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.Compared to the rest of the USA, the population is very low in the Rockies, but has a broad ethnic mix of native americans and african americans particularly in Denver.

The first two weeks in October are the best time to catch the breathtakingly beautiful fall in the Rockies. The colours are amazing and, because it’s low season, you can have the roads hotels to yourself.


Most of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana are situated high from the seas, you can enjoy warm summer days but frosty nights. Winters are severe, and beware cinooks, powerful seasonal winds and violent summer thunderstorms. Winter is the season for skiiers, many prefer the milder summer but it’s also a beautiful haven during the Fall. Whatever the season, there’s something to experience all year round.

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