BUBUH INJIN (Black Rice Pudding)

Recipe from Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School


• 250g Black glutinous rice
• 75g White glutinous rice
• 1 Pandan leaves
• 5-6 Cups water
• 175g Palm sugar syrup
• 1 Pinch salt
• 1½ Cups coconut cream


1. Rinse both black and white glutinous rice well under running water, then soak overnight. Drain.

2. Place 3 cups of water, both lots of rice and pandan leave into a heavy pan and simmer over medium heat for approximately 45 minutes; adding more water if required.

3. Add palm sugar syrup and continue to cook until most liquid has evaporated; season with a pinch of salt. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

4. Serve at room temperature, topped with coconut cream.