Creole Fruit Salad with Rum and Guava Sauce – Cuba Recipe



Water                                                 .25 ltr

Guava Jam                                         1 tbls

White Sugar                                     1 tsp

Brown Sugar                                    1 tsp

White Rum                                       4 tbls

Creole Lime                                      1

Grapefruit                                         1

Pineapple                                          1

Banana                                               1

Mango                                                1

Guava                                                 1

Papaya                                               1



  1. Bring .25ltr of water to the boil and add the guava jam.
  2. Segment a quarter of grapefruit and arrange on a plate.
  3. Add brown and white sugar to the water and jam.
  4. Add 1 slice of chopped pineapple to the plate.
  5. Add half a sliced banana to the plate.
  6. Add half a sliced mango to the plate.
  7. Add half a sliced guava to the plate.
  8. Add half a slice of diced papaya to the plate.
  9. Add the white rum to the water and jam and flambé.
  10. Squeeze a quarter of creole lime into the flambé.

Pour the flambé over the fruit and serve.