Postcard from Argentina

In this Pilot pocket guide we visit some of Argentina’s top sites.

We begin in the rugged Andean north west where we visit pre Incan ruins and the famous multi covered rock mountains and cliffs which have made the region famous. From there we travel to the wild icy  landscapes of Patagonia and explore remote fiords and the famous Puerto Moreno glacier.Next we take a road trip to through the spectacular red rock ravines that link Salta and Cafayate .

In Buenos Aires we visit La Boca, the port district where generations of migrants, mainly from Spain and Italy, arrived in the 19th century . They painted their corrugated iron houses vivid colours with left over paint from the shipyard ,and the streets here have since become one of the city’s top tourist attractions .

From the capital we then make a quick day trip by boat over the border to Uruguay and visit the beautiful colonial settlement of Colonia ,before flying north to the border with Brazil where we witness one of the great wonders of the world – Iguazu Falls.


Andes before the Inca

Ice Fields of Patagonia 

Red Rock Ravines of Cafayate 

La Boca

Day Trip to Colonia 

Iguazu Falls