Argentina: Day trip to Colonia

Just an hour by fast cattaraman  from Buenos Aires is the tranquil small coastal city of Colonia del Sacramento , now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Founded as a Portuguese colony in 1680, Colonia del Sacramento was ruled alternatively by both Portugal  and Spain . Ownership between the two changed half a dozen times in just 150 years until it was incorporated in modern day Uruguay in 1828.

The old port town with its narrow cobblestone streets and preserved colonial buildings offers a welcome day trip escape from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.

Be warned , you need to navigate long queues at both ends navigating both  check in and Uruguayan and Argentine Immigration desks  before the airless journey to and fro. So arrive at least an hour before.

But beautiful timeless Colonia  awaits. It’s expensive compared to Buenos Aires but well worth the trip”