Costa Rica

The tiny country of Costa Rica is truly a place where you find yourself constantly double-taking at its beauty. It is resplendent with natural attractions, from cloud forests and snow-capped mountains to idyllic beaches, and an active volcano. These awesome surroundings are unusually prized by the government who have decreed over 27 per cent of the landmass as protected. As a result, ecotourism is flourishing and activities like wildlife watching, hiking, rafting and fishing are all offered in an environmentally considerate manner. It is no wonder that Costa Rica’s popularity is growing every year.

Because of Costa Rica’s natural allure, it’s tempting to head off into the isolation of the countryside, but to do so you’ll miss out on the vibrancy of its people and culture. Costa Rica has a proud record of democracy and tolerance especially for this part of the world. The government has been democratically elected since the 1800s, the army was abolished in 1948 and its national budget is geared towards spending on social infrastructure – 23% goes on education compared with 3% on the police force! In between marvelling at nature’s gifts, set aside some time to enjoy the easy-going nature of the tico (Costa Rican) people and come to understand the meaning of their saying ‘pura vida!’ (natural living).

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