The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua has been the scene of dynamic events in recent decades, making headlines around the world for political upheaval and conflict. Forty years of the Samosa dictatorship provided the catalyst for the Sandinista revolution in the late 1970’s, which was then followed by the Contra war, supported by the United States. Democratic elections in 1990 finally brought peace to the country and it’s now on the mend.

A trip to Nicaragua is sure to be an interesting and memorable experience. It’s a challenge for adventurous travellers since it has little tourist infrastructure and requires resourcefulness in getting around. It also has beautiful geographic features to explore: volcanoes, rivers, beaches and mountains are all there to be trekked, complimented and photographed. You can also visit and meet some of the most interesting indigenous peoples of the region including the Lenca and Chortí in the west and the Miskito of the Mosquito Coast. In fact meeting people and learning about their turbulent past is the highlight of most people’s trip.

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