Turks and Caicos

The territory of Turks and Caicos includes eight main islands and many smaller islands and cays in the Lucayan Archipelago. It is located south of the Bahamas, east of Cuba, north of Hispaniola, and is technically situated in the Atlantic Ocean though commonly thought of as a Caribbean country.

The capital is Cockburn town on the island of Grand Turk. Visitors can relax on the outer islands of Grand Turk, Salt Cay, or uninhabited West Caicos, or explore the Caribbean’s largest network of limestone caves in Middle Caicos.

North and Middle Caicos are also good for exploring traditional island life and discovering local food, music, and crafts. They are the greenest of the islands, receiving the most rainfall, and are relatively undeveloped. The marshes, mangroves, and salt ponds of North and Middle Caicos are excellent for kayaking.  Turks and Caicos, particularly North Caicos, is home to a large number of stunning birds including osprey and wild flamingos.

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