New Mexico

A major hub of the Native American population prior to European colonisation, New Mexico is known for its striking geographical landscape and natural resources. It is also a major hub for the US military, having served as the backdrop for nuclear bomb testing during the mid-20th Century. It is home to a large Latin American population, owing to its location along the US-Mexico border.

Santa Fe

One of the United States’ most unique cities, Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and is located high up in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Its beautiful natural surroundings make it a perfect place for recreational activities such as hiking and biking. However, Santa Fe is best known for its artistic heritage as a capital for local craftsmanship. Incredibly multicultural, it is considered to be the artistic capital of the American Southwest, with Native American and Mexican populations contributing considerably. It is home to a number of major artistic museums such as the New Mexico Museum of Art and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.


Route 66

Route 66

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